At Sophie Deedes Styling, client satisfaction is our

top priority. We are delighted to have had the following

feedback from our happy customers:


“Stress-free, fun and productive”

“I found Sophie's advice to be invaluable, and she was extremely supportive and easy to work with. Not only did I get a number of versatile, classic pieces (just what I was looking for), it was a very stress-free, fun and productive shopping session. I can't recommend Sophie highly enough.”

 H. Moodie, London


“You took away all the normal drudge of shopping”

“Our afternoon was a great success. You quickly identified what I was looking for (colour, style and price-wise) so I didn't have to spend a lot of time trying on things that weren't suitable. I really enjoyed the afternoon.Your enthusiasm and determination to find what I was looking for took away all the normal drudge of shopping and just left me with some lovely new clothes that I'm very pleased with.”

Polly, London 


“You put together items I never would have thought about”

“Thanks so much for doing the wardrobe overhaul with me. You put together items I never would have thought about and gave me valuable advice. It really helped me to get out of the ‘slummy mummy’ rut I was in and boosted my confidence about getting back to work. People have really noticed the difference and I'll definitely get in touch with you again next season.” 

Leanne, London


“I literally couldn’t stop smiling”

“I received a half-day personal stylist session with Sophie as a birthday gift, and what a fantastic gift it turned out to be. Sophie was lovely to be with – calm, friendly and professional. From the start of our morning together, she knew exactly which shops to take me to in terms of my style and taste. As a busy working mum, it had been a while since I’d felt excited during a shopping trip (‘stressed’ and ‘desperate’ are words that normally spring to mind) but, at one stage, I literally couldn’t stop smiling as I kept finding the dress, the jeans, the coat. It all seemed so much easier thanks to Sophie’s knowledge and guidance.”

Kirsten, London


“The wardrobe weed is a great investment”

“The wardrobe weed is a great investment where, over four hours, Sophie styled many wearable, everyday, fashionable yet classic outfits from the ‘never worn’ section of my wardrobe. Placing absolute trust in her own innate sense of style and wide experience, she also helped help me to discard a huge pile of (never-to-be-missed) redundant items. She then recommended key pieces for the new wardrobe. A fashion enthusiast, with a fantastic eye for a great looks. 

Sally, London


“I absolutely loved my morning with Sophie”

"I absolutely loved my morning shopping with Sophie. Not a moment was wasted as we whizzed round different stores trying on things that Sophie had already identified might work for me. Gently encouraging me out of my comfort zone, she has helped me rediscover my style after feeling pretty lost not knowing what was cool but age appropriate for a mummy in her 40s. I am starting to save now for a winter update!"

Rosa, London


“Sophie has completely revolutionised my work wardrobe”

"Sophie has completely revolutionised my work wardrobe and made shopping an overall cheaper and more efficient process. She has challenged my staple black wardrobe and given me lots more confidence in putting together and finding my own style. Sophie does tons of research pre our trips, so they are focussed and she always finds at least one amazing piece which I never would have found or looked twice at on my own. Plus she is great company and I always enjoy our trips and I definitely don't love shopping usually!"

Virginia, London