Personal Shopping

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it”

Yves Saint-Laurent


The secret to a successful style and lasting wardrobe lies in the fine art of shopping.

Having a Personal Shopper / Stylist will save you time, money and stress by enabling you to get your choices right first time and avoid costly fashion mistakes.

More than a one-off indulgence, and an opportunity to revamp your wardrobe, I want your personal shopping experience to be invaluable as well as fun.

To help this process we will start off with a client phone consultation and questionnaire. This allows me to understand your lifestyle, routine and personal aims.  Before our shopping trip I will complete my research; scanning and scouring Central London and seeing all the collections in the stores that match your taste, personality, body shape and needs. This means we save time on the day and use our time wisely.


During our shopping experience you will:  

  • Explore new brands or styles that you may have dismissed.
  • Gain practical tips that will help you improve your personal style.
  • Have a deeper understanding of what outfits work well together.
  • Go home with an effortlessly stylish new wardrobe and outfits that you know how to wear well.

Not only will you learn a lot during this fun experience – you will begin your journey of building your perfect capsule wardrobe. 



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